Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part III: Artsakh - Nagorny Karabagh

War veteran, Shusha, 2008

My generation
Maro Markaryan

Everyone in my generation
is wearing frost now.
Snow falls early.
Even with the sun
still smoldering
my generation tills ice,
ploughs snow and furrows
stones. Everyone
in my generation wears frost.
It has been unseasonably cold.

Shusha, 2008

Shusha, 2008

Stepanakert, 2008

Ruined Soviet monument, Martakert, 2008

Ruined Soviet monument, Shusha, 2008

Abandoned mosque, Aghdam, 2008

Town centre, Aghdam, 2008

Hadrut region, 2008

Hadrut region, 2008

Amaras, 2008

National Museum, Stepanakert, 2008

Refugee girl, Shusha, 2006

Berdzor, 2006

Hunter, Karmin Shuka, 2008

Roadside stone cross, 2006

Tsitsernavank monastery, 2008

Gandzasar monastery, 2008

Gandzasar monastery, 2008

Wall with stone crosses, Gandzasar, 2008

Azeri cemetery, Martakert, 2008

Azeri cemetery, Martakert, 2008

Getsavank church, 2008

Backstreet scene, Stepanakert, 2008

Dancing shepherd, Tekh, 2008


Anonymous said...

In one word-PERFECT


Marten said...

Deeply impressive, frozen memories.
Is there any hope for kids growing up among the ruins at both sides of the military lines? And will the outside world finally care?
Marten (Amsterdam, Netherlands)